Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You Meet the Nicest People at Comic-Con!

Wrap your heads around these numbers.  If you go see a baseball game at Angels stadium, your trapped in a milling crowd of 50.000 people.  The Rose Bowl holds about 100,000.  Use whatever large sporrts arena you're more familiar with and Google the capacity of any of them, this will be about the range.

Comic-Con attendance was 126,000 people per day over the 4 day event.

Now remember the rough and tumble rude and smelly experience you've undoubtedly had while attending any function as part of a throng this size.  People walking inches from your face, changing direction, yelling at the person they;'re with in YOUR ear, stepping on your toes, pushing, shoving, hot...

The crowd is this close and this pressing at Comic-Con too...but there's something weird about it.  They all have manners.

They say "excuse me", "pardon me", "are you OK?" as they bump your arm or suddenly stop in their tracks in front of you or what have you.

When I was walking around and would see a costume I thought was cool and wanted a picture, I would say, "May I get a pic?" and the person would freeze in the midst of all of this, strike a pose, and the crowd around us would part and people would stop and let you take the picture!?!?  Then I would thank the person, THEY would in turn thank ME?!?!?  And the crowd would start moving again.

And if I saw another costume 10 feet down the line, the same thing would happen.  "Excuse me.", "pardon me", "Please.", "thank you.".  Remarkable.

It was like everyone there, all 126,000, had mothers, 

I never got over it.  It never got old,  It never stopped being a pleasure.

There's a joke that I heard on Twitter.  "The problem with Comic-Con is that it's full of people who used to beat you up for going to Comic-Con.".

True.  Regular people have encroached on the nerd's domain.  The bully's have succumbed to the lure of our coolness.  But, apparently the nerds stood at the door and told the bullys and the mooks that they couldn't come in unless they behaved.

Nerds won.

Here's some more cosplay.

Here's a Supergirl and a female Captain America peddling penny cabs up in the Gaslamp District of San Diego.  The Con is leaking out of the convention center and taking over the town.  :)

One fo many Phoenix's

A young Professor Zoom "the Reverse Flash"!

Rorschak!  and who's that behind him?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Jeffy and Vampirella.  She smelled as good as she looks boys!

Some video game knob and a female Robin.

Even Batman has to wait in line...

A "red shirt" yoeman and a modern day Silk Spectre.  I told the yoeman I thought her costume was unbelievable because if she had been a real "red shirt", she would have been killed off on the first day.

A golden age Silk Spectre...caught her dressing in line.  sigh.

Catwoman!  Meow!

NOT Boba Fett, but Walon Vou.  I been schooled!

A great Flash.

An awesome 1966 Batman, and the costumer did a fine Adam West impression as well.

A freakin' 7 foot tall Darth...very imposing.

Marge and Maggie Simpson.  Awesome!

Wonder Woman and Batgirl...again, a little blurry, but worth it.

This Phoenix saw me aiming my camera from across the hall and struck her pose.  I'm telling you, there were 126,000 cool minded people shoved into this room.

Black Widow...very nice.

A female Aquaman.  There was a male one there too...but she was the highlight for me.  I was missing my Angels.

Very young Dark Phoenix.  Her parents should sleep nervously!

And her brother, Boba Fetting it up!

One of those two-leggedy Star Wars thingies.  Very ingenious costume.

A female Loki.

Another female Loki and an Iron Man.   This guys suit was motorized, his glove buttons would open and close his mask.  Dedication.

And from all the true cosplayers, even corporate America takes inspiration.  FX sent these two Wilfred's out to haunt the streets of the city.

More to come.

Talk to you soon.

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