Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

As a medium purist (I believe in a very real difference between comic BOOKS and comic STRIPS, animation produced for THEATRICAL release differs grandly from animation produced for TELEVISION release) there is a weird generational crossover that I can get behind.

You see kiddoes, in the early days of television, it was still believed it was far too expensive to produce cartoons for TV.  They hadn't yet learned that all they need do is strip quality and costs and quality (I repeated myself there on purpose all you proofreaders out there) and so whatever cartoons were broadcast on television, were simply theatrical cartoons sold into he market.

Taking these, once thought to be "throw-away" films and giving them new life into perpetuity for whole new generations to enjoy.

You see, they didn't need hundreds of thousands of programming, kiddoes.  This was back in the days before entire networks devoted to cartoons and kids/family programming.  Cartoons were (for the most part) reserved for airing on Saturday mornings, not 24/7.  They were something special and bright and colorful (even in black and white) and a time when the kid of the household was in charge of the living room.  

I digress here, because nowadays the kids have control of the entire house no matter the time of day or night...back on track Jeffy.

My point is, Saturday morning should be for watching cartoons.

Good cartoons.

Cartoons that were once theatrically released, then housed on television and now we find right here on the Internet.

Give yourself over for a lousy 20 minutes.  Forget about that mortgage.  Forget about that fight with your wife/husband.  Forget about the home-pregnancy test you found in your daughter/wife/mothers bathroom trash.  Watch a few good cartoons.  THEN take on the week refreshed and replenished like when we were younguns.


Don'tcha feel better now?

I do.

Talk to you soon.


Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Excellent advice, my friend, and good choices. I DID have an argument with the wife today, and now I DO feel better.


Jeff Overturf said...

While I agree that if you get upset ou should count to ten, step outside for a breath of fresh air or even sleep on it...I find thaat giving over 6 minutes of your time to a theatric cartoon from the golden age of Hollywood, the world will be a better place/

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