Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Road Trip!"

Over the past weeks of doing my "Comic-Con Countdown" cartoons, I've had myself draw a lot of other people's characters and I've found that my take on them wasn't half bad.

Then I thought, why not do a mash up of a few and make a new interim-intermediary-interstitial-intermezzo...oh hell, make a new in-between cartoons-cartoon.

A carload of unlike characters on a trip down Route 66 came to mind.

I need a theme song now.

Talk to you soon.


KW said...

Excellent! More!

Unca Jeffy said...

Alright, KW...I was searching for a post topic for while I was gone this week...come back for "The Origin of the Road Trip either Thursday or Friday!

Runs.with.Ferals said...

Fantastic idea ! Toss Bob Dylan in the mix and we got a Neverending Tour of Whacky Weirdness.

Unca Jeffy said...

Bob Dylan would be a fun one to pick up along the way...like Nicholson in "Easy Rider"..hehheh

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