Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Morning Cartoons! -

Apparently my punishment for enjoying a 4 day holiday last weekend for the Comic-Con, is to work 6 days THIS week.  I'm off to L.A. for a company meeting, but that doesn't mean YOU kiddoes can't enjoy some Saturday Morning Cartons.

I've spotlighted 6 of the major 8 cartoons studios of Hollywood's golden age in the last two weeks.  Disney never really fell into Saturday morning syndication mode and RKO's Van Beuren cartoons are something only folks who grew up in the 1950's will remember as Saturday morning fare, that ain't gonna stop me though...we're gonna have solid cartoon goodness here.

Throwing in more classic Warners as we continue around the horn and cycle through the 8 and have some good variety here every Saturday. to my meeting.

 Talk to you soon.

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