Tuesday, July 17, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con Day 1 and some cosplay fun!

This past weekend I ventured down San Diego way to the Comic-Con International.  I am still suffering information/stimuli overload and I want to process all of that before I lose it, and I will comment on a few things over the next few days before I get back to regular blog fun.  

But for now (and for the next few days) I thought I'd share some pics from the exhibit hall floor.  The booths and displays from all the big mega-corporations were awesome to see of course.  It was nice to get to the dealer sections and see all the high dollar collectibles.  It was great to hit the small press booths and support the great work they're putting out and very very very nice to go to "Artists Alley" and meet and greet some wonderful artists.

But for those in-between moments shuffling through the throngs of 125,000 people crammed...there's an odd tribute/we're-part-of-this-too tradition of the fans with a knack for fashion...the cosplayer.

All around you are people in wonderful hand-made costumes adding to the fun and my camera was at the ready as much as possible, I thought I'd share some of what I caught up with...

...before even entering the building...a rubinesque and TOTALLY hot Black Canary.

Fishnets were a partial rule of the day as I came across my first Zatanna right after.

I don't know who this is (I assume a video-game character) and after the first day I honed in on ONLY characters I was into, but for now here was a young girl showing me her tight belly.

Who could resist?

Ms. Marvel.

This young lady called herself "Hot Vader".  I didn't argue.  She had a light saber AND boobs..who WOULD argue?

This 70's-80's era Wonder Girl had a look on her face that said "Yes I want to wear a skin tight outfit and be noticed...but not by fat 49 year onld guys with cameras".  

She was in the wrong building.

A female Captain America and a 60's era Wonder Girl with a better attitude.

Friend of the blog, Eric Stettmeier tells me that "The gal with the garters is current Batwoman Kate Kane's twin sister, the villain 'Alice.'"  Thanks Eric...I accidentally hit delete on your comment.  My fingers are too fat for a touch screen I fear!! 

My first Harley Quinn of the weekend.

Again...no idea...but look at that tummy...

a very stylised Wonder Woman...but she had the right spirit.

Who ya gonna call?

I assume one of many stormtroopers.  But you couldn't tell from one to the next how many there were.

No Spartans died in San Diego!

One of my favorites...Captain Marvel.

For any good Thor fan...The warriors Three!

Sand People.

And an awesome Silver Surfer.

When even the attendees of a convention have this much invested in it....how can it be a bad time?


Talk to you soon!


Lysdexicuss said...

I want to meet BOTH Wonder Girls! Major (thumbs) up !

Jeff Overturf said...

I want to meet them ALL again and again, Lys...sigh.

Um, yeah..."thumbs" up.

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