Friday, July 20, 2012

And the SDCC Kept On A-Comin'!

I realize that after 4 days of these pictures, I'm going to be pegged by the casual observer as a Cosplay Aficionado.  I do appreciate the creativity that goes into it and the craftsmanship...and yes, I do appreciate attractive women dressing up as all of our geek fantasy characters (roll play IS fun), but it's nothing I wake and think about or obsess over until it presents itself really...unlike the plenty-o-other-obsessions which take the forefront in this blog.

The Comic-Con cosplayers really add to the atmosphere though.  It makes it feel like something special when every 20th person is letting their cosplay flag fly.  Like hoots and hollers by fans at a concert or sporting event, this is the way the a certain breed of comic fan expresses their excitement.

It's all positive, and that's a good thing.

You may think with the quantity of pictures I have, that I got everyone.  NOT BY A LONG SHOT!  The pictures I glommed here are merely the ones I say in my limited hours on the floor, the ones I actually caught before the river of a crowd flowed us apart and limited to only characters I knew.  A slew of anime characters, video game characters, sparkly vampires, zombies and the like were passed over by me.  I didn't make it a chore to go find these people.  The Comic-Con just brought them my way and a smile to my face.

Here's day 4.  Enjoy, I did.

Another Harley Quinn.  The nice lady who took the pic cropped out her giant mallet though.

Black Widow.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl.  This one was blurry because WW was complaining about how heavy her breastplate was at the understand.  

Black Canary...very curvy girl-next door version...sigh.

A black and white Dorothy.  AWESOME!!!

Spy vs. Spy.  Now THAT's cool.

A great Galactus pondering the fate of the Earth.  Notice the tiny Silver Surfer off of his left shoulder.  genius!

A menage a troi waiting to happen?  I don't think I'm invited.  Black Cat, Catwoman and Poison Ivy.  The stuff dreams are made of.


Iron Fist and a young Captain America sneaking into frame.  Party crasher.

Daughter and mom Batman and Robin.

SOCK MONKEY!!  Who doesn't love monkeys?

Power Girl AND her boobs.  Not a fan of nylon though...this could have been the future Mrs. Overturf had she gone bare legged.  cie la vie.

Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

Wonder Woman with a billy club.  A bit long in the tooth, but so is the real WW.

sigh...nuff said.

Talk to you soon.


Lysdexicuss said...


too many bad puns
in my jealous head.

Give Girls any excuse to play dress up, and they WILL ! Must make it to San Diego CC in this Life !

Jeff Overturf said...

Make it next year Lys...we'll tear it up!!!

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