Thursday, July 19, 2012

When the Pencil Hits the Bristol Board!

People have been asking me, "Did you see Robert Downey, Jr. when he was there?", "Did you go see the Twilight Panel?", "Were Stallone and Shwartzenegger really there and did you see them?",

When I tell them "no." they seem disappointed.  When I tell them I purposely avoided all the movie and TV events because of the crowds, they seem perplexed.  There are so many more people aware of Comic-Con in the last few years than ever were before, that a lot are actually unaware that it's a comic book convention. Everything else it is kinda just dog piled on.

I'm fine with all the things that fall under the umbrella.  They don't peak my interest really, but when I see anime, video games, TV and movies rushing to Comic-Con to sell their wares, I look at it as a good thing that helps the thing grow, keeps it vibrant and ensures it stays a powerful force.  But for me, it's not Hollywood that makes it special.

I enjoy some of the movies, sure..."Avengers" was amazingly fun and I'n perched on the edge of my seat until I get to see "Dark Knight Rises" this weekend...but that's not the spark that keeps me interested.

It's NOT the dynamism of super-heroes either.  For all the killing off of characters and re-booting of universes that happens at DC and Marvel on an annual basis, that crap really just detracts, for me.

It really is the core being of it that gets me to get excited about all of this.  When an artist first touches pencil, or pen or brush to a piece of bristol board...goddamit, THAT's when the sparks fly for me.

THAT's electricity.  THAT's excitement.

You know what celebrity sightings I had?  I heard Dan Piraro and Lynn Johnston speak.  I saw Klaus Janson talk about the intimacy of the communal work of creating comics.  and I shook Ramona Fradon's hand and told her I loved her stuff.

This had me grinning ear to ear and I never noticed Shwartzenegger was even in the building. much money as "The Avengers" made and as grand a job as Joss Whedon did with making it work (very good job indeed), it and he had all the work of Kirby, Romita, Perez, Byrne, Buscema and the rest to use as a foundation.

Ink on bristol board...magic.

NOW here's day 3 of the cosplay/half nekkid gurls I saw...that was pretty cool too.

Jeffy and Poison Ivy...what a way to go.

A modern-day Comedian.

A character from the upcoming Haunted Hotel...I believe this guy worked for the studio, still fun though I like the spirit of when the fans do it better.

Maybe the first proper Loki I saw.

Mmmmmmmmmm Catwoman.

A female Kato...I asked for a chauffer driven ride, but she whacked me with the nunchucks.

Some young Star Wars fans show their appreciation for Batman.

One of my heroes...BIG BOY!

Young Justice...Miss Martian, Batgirl and Robin.

Another hero of mine...Hemp Henry!  & son.

The worlds's ODDEST super team.

The Cheshire Cat.

Jack in the Box doesn't take the stairs, dammit!


A fuzzy Zatanna and Black're hands would have been shaking, too.

Another odd super team.

sigh...Mary I WAS star struck.

Wonder Woman.

A great Flash, complete with Barry Allens ring to hide his costume in!!!


The Joker.

A great American pair of heroes...Superman and Abe Lincoln.

A silver age Comedian.

Cosplayers needing a break.  I just thought the image was funny.

A very young Flash.

:)  The Queen of Hearts.

Poison Ivy.  sigh again.

A gorgggggggggggeous Black Canary.

Indiana Jones and Dr. Jones, Sr.

After a long day of Comic-Con we adjourned to Hooters.  Here's our waitress.

Comic-Con does NOT stop at the front door of the convention center...that's for sure.

Talk to you soon.


Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Ramona Fradon and Black Canary (yow). That's worth the price of admission right there. Good job, Unca Jeff!

Jeff Overturf said...

t'was indeed, Thom...t'was indeed.

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