Friday, July 13, 2012

"Road Trip" episode one: "Murder Me in St. Louis, Louie!" - a Quinn Martin Production!

This past Tuesday I posted my nonsensical idea for a road trip strip, with Richie Rich, Jughead Jones and The Incredible Hulk motoring down Route 66 searching for America.

This tickled the same funny bone in blog pal KW, who requested "More"!

Never let it be said that Jeffy doesn't take request.  I don't know why I'd want people to not say that...I just do.  um...don't.

Here you go KW, a prequel to the saga that can NOW at last be told, "Road Trip:  Origins!"

Working on comic book type page format.  Still trying to get the hang of natural tightness to layouts.

I've got a ways to go, but it sure is fun.

Talk to you soon.


KW said...

Bravo, Jeff! I love your takes on these characters. I think in a weird way they mesh. Your plan to put three "unlike" characters together works very well. Much better than putting 3 similar characters together.

I think three similar singers would be Rod Stewart, Bonnie Tyler and Janis Joplin. I bet that would be an amazingly awful sound if they sang a song together.

Lysdexicuss said...

A new Amalgam character (cross between Jughead & Judge Dredd) = Judge Head.

Talk to Marvel, MLJ, & Harvey Comics; I think yer on to something ! (or, ON something; either way... they need to meet Jim Morrison in the desert and do peyote)

Jeff Overturf said...

There seems to be more to this than just three disimilar characters, otherwise their counterparts would work just as well...I don't think they would. Iron Man, Reggie and Casper??? puh---lease! THAT would be a train wreck! Captain America, Dilton Doily and Little Audrey? THAT's you're MOM's road trip. I think we just found lightning in a bottle with the 3 we got.

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