Friday, May 6, 2011

"Mr. Donahue's Requested Demotion" and "Razorscum's Photo Album"!

Paul Rhymer's "Vic & Sade" from July 22nd and 23rd of 1940 is thick into the kind of stuff that they're remembered for, so once again, I'll leave my kibitzing at a minimum and allow you to enjoy it in all it's glory.

Fully flushed out off-mic characters being discussed by 3 voices as familiar as your own family's, and that beautiful Amercana way of makng the mundane sound spectacular. Enjoy!

From July 22, 1940, a call back to the earlier episode wherein neighbor Mr. Donahue got a promotion on the railroad...NOW he wants a demotion. Success isn't all it's cracked up to be.

From July 23, 1940, we witness Sade's genuine love of people and her neighbor's in particular, and Vic and Rush's mystification at such blind loyalty to people with "oblong heads", as they pour through the borrowed family photo album of Charlie Razorscum...

And for the visual portion of the week, Time Magazine from January 22, 1973 reviews a nostalgiac book published about "Our Favorite Family" and a little call-back to the Time Magazine artive from 29 years earlier I posted here last week.

And an understanding that "Vic & Sade" is only for the discretionary and not for the lowest common denominator cattle out there!

And from the back cover of same...remember when the rich white folks were into "pimpin' rides"? I do too.

Talk to you soon.

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