Monday, May 16, 2011

"Casey at the Bat" - Jack Davis "Mad Monday"!

"Mad" the COMIC BOOK #6 from 1953 took a new twist with it's third story. Instead of Harvey Kurtzman sitting down to hammer out the script for a satirical look at a pop culture figure or genre, this one seems to have a straight script, lifted right from Ernest Thayer's immortal poem, "Casey at the Bat" and Jack Davis running free to illustrate each stanza. As only Davis could do.

This is one that has been reprinted and reprinted again, and has always been a favorite of mine.

Whether Kurtzman had much of an active hand in this one or's pure Mad gold.

Dig in, Kiddoes!


Talk to you soon.


Mykal said...

Davis is easily one of the greatest cartooning talents America has ever produced. Perfectly combining both big foot (cartoony) cartooning and "realistic" cartooning. What an incredibly, unique talent. Great Post.

Jeff Overturf said...

For sure, Mykal. His cartoony aspect caught my eye as a young-un, but so did his detail and realism. It seems to all come at you at once seamlessly.

Mattie Hamby said...

Thank you. I needed this for my students who are visual learners!

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