Friday, May 13, 2011

I Broke My Blog?

I think I broke my blog...but, I was worried that I broke Blogger!

I posted a recap yesterdy of all the posts leading up to my "A 'Slight' History of Golden Age Comic Book Super Heroes" and the thing was HUGE! I also ignored a passel of "html" warnings and the dang thing is now gone.

I'll find a cleaner way of doing so before I get back into it on Tuesday.

For anyone swinging by to see the weekly OTR post and hearing some "Vic & Sade", I'll get that post up and running tonight after work, until then, my apologies to anyone who came here yesterday and got nothing but error messages.

Till then?'s Friday, dammit...go have a beer!

Talk to you soon.


Lysdexicuss said...

YOU did it ! It was YOU !!

Akshunt "Action" Frank Franklyn said...

Damnit Jeffy !!! YOU broke your blog, we can't have nice things, you kids wreck everything...

KW said...


Jeff Overturf said...

Apparently you all heard the part where I joked about breaking Blogger, but you missed the part where I seriously told you to all have a beer.

Sheeeeesh! (I hope I didn't really break it!)

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