Friday, May 13, 2011

"Bacon Sandwiches" and "Sleeping Mr. Sludge, BEWARE"!

A little evening time OTR for a change with Paul Rhymer's Vic & Sade.

After Blogger's "sputter, fart and die" issues yesterday, I was unable to get this post ready for this morning, so without a lot of yammering from me, sit back, have a beer and enjoy some of the finest Americana comedy ever produced for radio or any other medium!

From August 14, 1940, a nice summer afternoon with Rush and Sade passing the time together on the front porch. Like any lazy afternoon conversation you might have had with your mother...but funnier. Just take a listen to Rooster Davis' scheme for a bacon sandwiches restaurant. We'll see, I'll say we will.

And from an unknown day in September of 1940

And for our visual portion, the Spring/Summer 1974 periodical of the Chicago Historical Society, a look back at the glory days of Chicago radio...this is a great article for all OTR fans, it's got it all!

Talk to you soon.

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