Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Adventure Comics - "The Hour-Man"!

Time for another post in my on-going "A 'Slight' History of the Golden Age of Comic Book Super Heroes", every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday inside my head. Hit the A'S'HGACBSH label below to see what's come so far, or just start here and...whatever.

The next hero after The Sandman to color up the pages of National (DC) Comics "Adventure Comics" was a mild-mannered chemist by day, Ray "Tick-Tock" Tyler who invented "Miraclo" which when taken in handy pill form, gave Tyler the power of 10 men for sixty minutes. For 1/24th of a day, he would become "The Hour-man"!! I think Rusty would like him.

With the advent of every hero on the block having a kid sidekick, Hourman was no exception, though instead of just a lone boy in a copycat costume, Tyler was given a team of boys. A loyal bunch of junior fan-boys called "The Minutemen of America" who aided our man of the hour.

Created by Ken Fitch and Bernard Bailey (just like Sandman), Hour-man debuted in "Adventure Comics" #48 in 1940 and would soon become (again...like Sandman) one of the 8 charter members in The Justice Society of America, comics' fist ever superhero team.

Here he is in a sweet little solo adventure with giant-robot-flame-throwing-dinosaurs from Adventure Comics #61.

Ride along with the Minute Men of America and have some fun!

Talk to you soon.


Akshunt "Action" Frank Franklyn said...

Under Dog or not, nobody talks to Bigfoot that way... no sir, not nobody

Lysdexicuss said...

Under Dog CLEARLY doesn't know how sensitive Big Foot is, and that he can literally cry a river !

I would cry a river if I walked in on Erin Moran naked with Hour Man ! My Happy Days would be over, Sir !

Jeff Overturf said...

Easy, guys. He IS a recovering Underdogsecretenergypillaholic, you know...we have to show him patience.

I'm unable to comment on any further jokes about Erin Moran or nudity, as I may be implicated.

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