Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Woody Woodpecker's Christmas Parade - Dell Giant #40

Continuing with this weeks Christmas comic book fun, we leave the super heroes behind and join the animation adaptations. Dell Giant #40 from 1960 brought us "Walter Lantz' Woody Woodpecker's Christmas Parade"!

A variation to the animated Woody that was made in his comics adaptation, was the addition of his nephew and niece "Knothead" and "Splinter". A mouse or a hungry child seems to have gotten ahold of the upper right hand corner of this page, but other than that it's good winter time sitting in your pajamas drinking hot chocolate reading. Enjoy!

Lot's of fun holiday feature pages too. As a kid I loved staring at these as much as the stories.

The Oswald the Rabbit, Andy Panda, Windy & Breezy and Sam & Simian stories here weren't true Christmas stories as much as "play-in-the-snow" stories so I chose to leave them out.

Snow is only cool in the romantic and working in it me, I'm from Montana. Snow for Christmas stories though is cool. And it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas for sure.

Talk to you later.


Lysdexicuss said...


The Shopping Daze maze is pretty
cool with that wild perspective
and realistic itinerary~!

Mykal said...

What a maginificent post! I apologize for my fellow bloggers who have failed to comment! Let's see. Woody, Chilly, and the under-appreciated Homer; plus every darn activity page in the issue of a classic Dell Giant! Dude, you outdid youself and made me jealous with this post. I can't give any higher praise!

Jeff Overturf said...

Lys: "Bendereragig" may become my new "in mixed company" cuss word!

Mykal: You humble me sir! But, no apologies necessary. Sometimes we really DO work in a vacuum. This blog life is SO uncertain. We do it to please ourselves, and if someone comes along and enjoys it with us, it's cream-cheese frosting on the cake.

Gabriel said...

Unca! You can feel Christmas in the air with these great stories. Thanks for sharing!
The dickensian Woody Woodpecker story is pure entertaining, and intriguing as well: what kind of weirdo is that mustached man in front of the shop window? The same one who recognize Woody as quite normal bird? Are they tusks under his big mustache? Dude, sometimes kids comics are the craziest thing--

I completely agreed Lysdexicuss: the Shopping Daze ad rules!

Jeff Overturf said...

That moustachiod "man" is Wally Walrus, one of Woody's finest adversaries in the movies (Buzz Buzzard and Gabby Gator being the other top runners) and as you can guess from his name...yes, those ARE tusks.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Gabriel said...

Thanks heaven you had the answer!
I'll sleep tight tonight :)

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