Friday, December 10, 2010

Vic & Sade and Christmas at "The Grand Ole Opry" - OTR Friday!

That time of the week again for more music and comedy from the golden age of radio. Today with two more episodes of the funniest show ever to come down the pike and a special Christmas bonus show to follow.

Once again from the mind of Paul Rhymer comes the Americana comedy of the little family halfway up on the next block. The first episode I'm sharing with you today is from January 12, 1940. Sade has just arranged to take over a neighbors vegetable garden and Vic and Rush are loathe to consider the work it will mean for them.


The second half of our Vic & Sade half hour is from January 19, 1940 and relays a violent encounter between Mr. Razorscum (their naighbor) and Mr. Gumpox the garbage man, instigated by Gumpox's horse Howard eating Razorscums lunch.

Again I'm amazed that while none of the action takes place "on-mic" and neither of the characters in question is ever heard, just how crystal clear the events appear in my head. Genius!



A trip to The Grand Ole Opry and their annual Christmas show. This one is undated, but I'm thinking it's from the late 40's-early 50's and features all your hillbilly favorites cavorting and joking through some great holiday music.

George Morgan

Archie Campbell

Grandpa Jones

The Jordanaires

and Chet Atkins

Also joined by a few others including Cousin Minnie Pearl, the perfect show to trim your tree by.

Dig in!

Talk to you soon.

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