Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Santa Claus Funnies" - Dell 4 Color #91 - 1945

Pure Walt Kelly Chritmas-time Goodness!!!

From 1942-1949 Dell Comics issued annual "Santa Claus Funnies". Walt Kelly fresh from working at the Walt Disney studios and pre-Pogo the Possum fame was a Dell stallwart who infused his natural-intricate-yet-fun cartoony style into fantasy stories which makes for fun whimsy.

You can stare at some of these pages for hours...and I have. If you enjoy this post, take a look over at the "Mail It To Team-Up" blog for "Santa Claus Funnies" #2

Here's "Santa Claus Funnies" #4 (Dell 4 Color #91) from 1945, chock full of Kelly's drawing and writing, Santa Claus, talking animals and a trip with Alice into Wonderland.


Now THAT's Christmas-y!

Talk to you soon.

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Runs.with.Ferals said...

I'm glad Papa Olsen didn't shove them Pups inda sock head foist~! The omitted word balloon for the Kids' Father next morning would read: "Now who gonna clean up all dat poop ! How we gonna feed them mangy beasts ?!" But the Mama already had ideas for a tasty Christmas Stew...

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