Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chapter 23 - Captain Marvel and the Monster Society of Evil!

Y' this cover blurb says "Captain Marvel in Washington, D.C." it occurs to me...there is a whole series of stories from the 1940's wherein The Big Red Cheese visits different cities. That might be a good series to take the place of this serial when it's all over in a couple of weeks.


The only real drawback to that idea is that a good deal of the Marvel Family golden age stories I have are the same fische scans that marred this series. Stupid British!

I'm beginning to root for Herkimer in these stories...

...not to beat Cap., or course. I still want to see Mr. Mind under some 4th graders dissection scalpel.

CHRISTMAS BONUS: Here's another fun Christas Captain Marvel story from "Captain Marvel Adventures" #69. This one forshadows all those TV sitcom plots where someone promises to e in two places at the same time. Pure fun stuff.

Holy Moley! I think I hear Christmas bells!

Talk to you soon.

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