Monday, December 13, 2010

Superman and "Christmas 'Round the World"

I guess I may as well keep the ball rolling on this Christmas comic book marathon I have going. The big day is right around the corner.

Remember when you were a kid and Christmases were about 10 years apart? They took forever to get here, and now it seems that it's Christmas every 3 months or so. Weird!

In contrast to the Batman stories I posted here, where Batman gets Christmas down to a personal level with orphans and lonely men and the like, Superman takes the global picture. In the thick of WWII, Clark Kent and Lois Lane over hear refugee children from all nations long for their home Christmas traditions.

Then the big blue showoff makes it all better.

It's no wonder we love the big mook even ater all these years.

Go git 'im Lois!

Talk to you soon.

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