Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Inventiveness of Rube Goldberg - Nemo #24 - 1 of 2

Sunday Funnies time and more from "Nemo the Classic Comics Library". I hope you have your Christmas errands done, this one's a good sit down and languish in issue!

Rube Goldberg has always fallen just outside "newspaper comic stripper" for me, mainly because I always knew him more by reputation than by a specific body of strip work. A wonderfully diverse and prolific cartoonist, it seems he worked in every single aspect of newspaper cartooning, and not only strip work.

Nemo #24 takes an in-depth look at all phases of his work. This IS the man after all, for whom the highest honor in cartooning "The Rueben Award" was named for. He's much more than just crazy inventions.

Next Sunday I'll share the second half of this issue and more of Goldberg, including a nice sampling of his under-exposed strip, "Boob McNutt". Great title. Funny strip.

Talk to you soon.


Runs.with.Ferals said...

OhmyGod~! This may be the Greatest issue of Nemo yet~! After X-mas, I will begin cherry-picking favorites from all your Nemo posts, print dem bitches up, and spend a couple days warming my Boob McChesNutts roasting by an open fire ;~j

Unca Jeffy said...

I'm really happy so many folks are enjoying these Nemo scans. I've had these since they were new on the stands, and in 25+/- years they've never fallen into the void of "storage", they've always been in a ready stack to read and re-read.

My ulterior motive to sharing them here is to have my own even easier reference library of them.

Dig in Lys!!!

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