Friday, December 24, 2010

OTR Christmas Eve - Lionel Barrymore as "Ebeneezer Scrooge"!!


I'll forgo our usual visitation with Vic & Sade in this weeks OTR post, with the knowledge that everyone's beginning their Christmas celebrations, and lay a single show on you. One that's perfect listening while you sit by the fire with a hot buttered rum or spicy cider or egg nog and watch the lights twinkle on the tree.

A true Christmas classic in my heart, and one I devoured with my ears every year as a child lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng before I knew what old time radio WAS. We had this album shuffled in with our Dean Martin, Harry Connick Singers and Chipmunk Christmas albums...

It's Lionel Barrymore as "Scrooge" in "A Christmas Carol". You can argue all you want over who's portrayed this miserly soul the best over the years all you want. THIS is IT!

Barrymore first portrayed Scrooge on the radio in 1934 on "Mercury Theatre On the Air" directed by Orson Welles. It was such a success, that over the next 19 years or so, Barrymore recreated the role over and over. On CBS' Campbell Playhouse, Hallmark Hall of Fame, whatever outlet won the prize and got him.

Enough from me...this is one of those "You just GOT to hear THIS" things. So here's Mr. Barrymore from December 24, 1942 taking a break from his regular broadcast of "Mayor of the Town" to lay it on us. Enjoy!

I hope you've all found a safe harbor with friends and family to spend this holiday weekend. I know I have and wish you all the same.

Talk to you soon!

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wich2 said...


Lionel IS indeed one of the very best Scrooges! And though he did first play the role in 1934, he didn't play it with the Mercury until 1939. Much more in my book on the subject:

(Available, signed, directly from the author.)


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