Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hi & Lois Holidays and a Ride on The Tonnerville Trolley! - Nemo 23 - pt. 2 of 2

The second half of "Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" #23 is as big a treat to read as part one. That kind of goes without saying really, as during the magazines entire run I never found a page I didn't go back and read at least twice like a starving man to a buffet anyway.

First up is a family album of holiday time spent with "Hi and Lois". Dik Browne's clean-clear cut yet textured cartooning is in full bloom here, every panel a true cartoony dream. Being as the article is centered on family/holiday time, there's plenty here to fit into the December Christmas marathon.

Drink it in Kiddoes!

Fontaine Fox was one of those true natural cartoonists. His hand seemed to inherently know just how to make a cartoon out of any object. His work covered much more than just a trolley and a guy with a fire hat though...Nemo shows us just how much more...


We also get the bonus of another weeks worth of Mort Walker and Jery Dumas' comic strip insider strip, "Sam's Strip"...

...and a little feedback from the readers.

Next week I'll share with you the first half of "Nemo" #24 and an extensive look at the great Rube Goldberg!

Talk to you soon.


Mykal said...

Wow! Dik Browne, while not only having one of the coolest names in comic strip history, also is one of it's greatest, unsung masters. Jeez, where comic strips ever this good? Today, great strips like this are jammed into three or four panels at best - nearly every strip is forced into a quick gag strip.

I say again: Wow! Those pages of the Flagstons traveling the American Southwest are just flabbergastingly good. Did you see Trixie reaching for the cactus? God, this stuff is great.

Jeff Overturf said...

I agree wholeheartedly...Browne was indeed one of the greats!

Gabriel said...

Mykal has eloquently expressed it already. Besides with a passion I couldn't emulate. He has a way with words! So just I can say I agree completely: Walker and Browne teamed up to make a terrific work with Hi & Lois.

By the way, did you have noted before Browne sometimes drew four fingered hands and that, on other occasions, they had five? It's something always has striking me.

I like the strip where Mr. Rimmel speaks to Ditto at the party. Gag is obvious maybe, but it's one to cozy up with!

I know I'm running behind with your blog... But you post too much too fast to me!! :)

Jeff Overturf said...

Gabriel: I never noticed the finger thing before...I'll pay more attention.

...and I know what you mean...I post too much for me sometimes too. :P

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