Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Funnies - Nemo 15 - Dickie Dare and Hairbreadth Harry Continuity at it's Best

Back on schedule now kiddies, it's Sunday and that means it's time for Sunday Funnies!

"Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" issue 15 dated October 1985 is as chock full of good stuff as all the other issues, so sit back and have a leisurely Sunday of good nutritious reading!

Here's a quick glimpse at what's in store...

First up! Milt Caniff's prototypical strip for "Terry & The Pirates", "Dickie Dare". Dickie bee\gan in the funny papers as an imaginative young boy from the midwest prone to reading adventure books like Robin Hood and the like, but somewhere along the way he began going on actual adventures of his own. Dickie Dare can easily be seen as the blueprint for Terry Lee as can Dynamite Dan Flynn be seen as the basis for Pat Ryan...heck if you ask me, Terry growing up to manhood in his own strip just became Steve Canyon in Caniff's next foray.

Nemo saw fit to reprint an entire story from that firt adventure Dickie shared with Dynamite Dan and we are the benefactors. Read on strip's good stuff!

Then we get a fond farewell to Lyman Young and his strip "Tim Tyler's Luck". I'd like to read more of this really seems like my cup of meat!

And following up last issue's Hairbreadth Harry with part two of his science fiction adventure!

Nemo takes another look at some European comic heroes...I need to read more of these too!

Nemo takes a left turn by including some reviews of, at the time, current releases. There may be some things of interest here that can be found used on Amazon or ebay...a little crossreferenceing here from the European masters they've highlighted in the past...

Then Nemo takes a page from other periodicals and starts up it's own letters page. Some high profile responses as well!

And finally the blurb to make our mouths water about what's to come...

Lovely, lovely lazy Sunday!

Talk to you soon!


Lysdexicuss said...

I have an old Lucky Luke graphic novel~ love the art~ but MAN~ that Rudy in Hollywood strip is the Bomb-Biggity Bomb-Bomb~! Never seen it b-4~!

Jeff Overturf said...

Glad your discovering new thingies that are Bomb-Biggety Bomb-Bomb Lys...I always loved Nemo for either uncovering more of the things I loved ot teaching me NEW things to get into!

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