Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Funnies - Nemo #13 - Hard Boiled Noir and Vaudeville Comedy!

"Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" issue 13 cover dated July 1985 brings us a cornucopia of great reprints. Chock full of the stuff I loved this magazine for, little known and unseen gems brougth to us by the shovel-full!

Here's just a hint...

Richard Marschall responding to feedback for their endeavors. Like the comment section of a blog, this reader mail had to play a big part in fueling the writers to continue in their work...

Here's a look at and a generous sampling of some hard core crime stuff, that in part makes Dick Tracy look like your Grandma's detective strip. Will Gould's "Red Barry"!

TAD. Thomas Aloysius Dorgan. The Damon Runyon of the comics? Maybe. The folk biographer of a rough and tumble side of life and the slanguage spoken by those who knew this world? Definitely!

Oh. And "Silk Hat Harry" too!

More of the "inside strip" humor of "Sam's Strip"...

The much talked about "Our Boarding House" for all to see. Armchair adventures with Major Hoople...and the Nut Bros. too!

Now THAT'S alot of comics crammed into your eye-holes! Nemo was hitting it's stride!
Here's what's coming up next Sunday...

Happy reading!!
Talk to you soon!


Gabriel said...

I haven't a clue about Tad's work. At first sight over "Indoor and Outdoor Sports" I thought it was Jimmy Hatlo who were behind those one panel cartoons bursting with people. This kind of strips had always the capacity of make me feel better -you know, the same feeling I used to feel when I was watching classic movies on TV when child (Ah! Frank Capra!).
Now I become aware of Frank King made use of this layout in Gasoline Alley. On friendly terms, Jeff: I love it!

Jeff Overturf said...

Glad they make you feel good...that's the point. Also why I post on you the whole day and week to keep feeling good.

Signed, another fan of Capra-corn! Feel good stuff from way back!

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