Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mid-Week Sunday Funnies - MORE Nemo 14

More catching up with last weeks backlog of "Nemo: the Classic Comics Library"...I'll wrap it up tomorrow and be all caught up!

This section I dedicate to my buddy Marco Torre. You know, the frequent commenter to this blog, the guy who saved me from certain suicide when he repaired my ailing external hard drive and who's sometimes featured here in cartoon form as "The Mysterious Shadowy Figure" and representative of a rogue faction of "The Illuminati" who tried to "whack" me until I was saved by Willie Nelson ( blog is more complicated than it seems...but then it IS everything inside my head).

This issue featured, not really a sad eulogy, but a fond remembrance of the work of the then recently departed Virgil "VIP" Partch. Link here to Marco's website devoted to his father Peter and the restaurant he co-founded, the Newport Beach staple "Charlie's Chili" and read about VIP's link to that home-grown establishment.

Than read what Nemo had to say. :)

Then Nemo gets back to Allen Saunders serialized autobiography, "Playwright for Paper Actors" part 7...good reading!

And finally today, a couple more pages of "Sam's Strip", the insider-strip by Jerry Dumas and Mort Walker...

The wrap-up to come tomorrow kiddies with lots more good stuff!

Talk to you soon!

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