Saturday, August 7, 2010

Drink Hole Saturday Night Concerts - Guy Clark "Keepers" Live - part 2

Time again to turn your brain back on after a week of the boss man making you shut it off!

Here's part 2 of Guy Clark's live "Keepers" album from 1997. Get yourself yourself your favorite beverage and smoke of your choice, it's time to get your mind right!

"She Ain't Goin' Nowhere" - she's just leavin'! Guy don't write no idealized love songs. They're all from the real side...

"South Coast of Texas" - 'takes the dignity of whoopin' cranes and the likes of Gilbert Roland!' - how do you write that stuff, Guy?

"That Old Time Feeling" - a very comfortable feeling, indeed!

"A Little of Both" - don't ask me to choose between extremes...sometimes a little of both ends hit's the spot!

"Out in the Parking Lot" - Like Guy says here, the 'antithesis' of 'the Boot Scootin Boogie'. The dance floor is NOT where life is really unfolding.

"Let Him Roll" - another great story-song by the master and another example of a REAL love story...not the kind you see on a "Lifetime" movie! - 'He always said that Heaven, was just a Dallas whore.'...

"Texas Cookin'" - this song makes me hungry...and makes me wanna git up and dance at the same time.

"Desperadoes Waiting on a Train" - this song makes me happy and sad and proud and ashamed all at he same time. 'To me he's one of the heroes of this country, so why's he all dressed up like them old men?'. Yeah. How does that happen?

I hope you found a now favorite or two.

Remember, these files are not available for download here, Guy is a working artist and if you liked what you heard, visit his website and find much, much more.

Talk to you soon!

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