Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Funnies - Nemo #12 - From World War II to Kewpies and ever'where in-between!

Well it's Sunday and time for the Funnies with "Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" issue #12. A great "Miss Lace" by Milton Caniff cover gives just a hint of all the treasures within...

...just look at it all!

The World War II era is enlessly fascinating to me. The way "the greatest generation" pulled themselves out of the common demon of the depression, expressing themselves along the way through comics (both book AND strip), animation, film, music, literature, radio...everything. May be the last time period in which I enjoy all the creative and popular media across the board.

I was born wayyyyyyyyyyyy too late!

Here's a little look at some of the propoganda work done while facing the Axis powers. Great stuff by George Baker, Bill Mauldin, Milt Caniff and a slew of others. Feast your eyes.

A special treat..."Fantasy in the Comics" this issue brings us some pre-"Gasoline Alley" work by Frank King. A strip called "Bobby Make-Believe". Once again, what a shame color wasn't financially feasable to the boys at "Nemo". The folks doing this kind of work in the digital age won't face such obstacles, another reason to praise the future and present as the past.

Classic 1950's science fiction from Jack Williamson and Lee Elias - "Beyond Mars"!

A little bit of "Nemo's" presentation of the comic strippers insider strip..."Sam's Strip"...

Ever wonder just where those kewpie doll's come from? "Penmen of the Past" highlights Rose O'Neill and shows you that, and a whole lot more!

Whew! Lotsa great reading there. Here's what's coming up next issue (next week at this blog)!

Happy Sunday!

Talk to you soon!

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