Friday, August 6, 2010

Drink Hole Friday Night Concerts - Guy Clark "Keepers" Live!

Ah, it's the end of the work week again and time to take your brain out of mind-numbingly unimportant menial tasks and hopefully get on a plane of what's really worth-while.

Ironically that's almost what Guy Clark said when he first heard his friend Townes Van Zandt play a song for him. When Townes explained that he had written that 3 minute piece of music (whatever it was a Townes song...and that's all you need to know), Guy remarked to himself "That's something worth doing!" and he went out and got a guitar and learned hisself to do it too!

Guy is a craftsman at heart. He loves wood as much as he loves songs and whiskey and his wife Susanna. He's built guitars for a living and he's built boats for a living. He comes to songwriting with the same sensibilities that what's worth doing is worth doing well and taking out all the rough edges.

If a tree is a piece of art by God, so too does God love a 2 X 4. And so are the lines of a good song hewn and rubbed smooth.

You'll note, Guy does not spend a lot of time telling stories between songs like Prine does, he just plays 'em and lets you fill in the blanks.

Like I said last week, I have plenty of unreleased live music by my heroes, but this is a primer for what's to come. This is all from Clark's 1997 commercially available 'live' album "Keepers".


"L.A. Freeway" - 'if I could just get off of this L.A. freeway without gettin' killed or caught' - I feel that way sometimes...

"Texas 1947" - The tale from Guy's childhood when he and the past saw the future coming...FAST!

"Like a Coat from the Cold" - for his wife Susanna...

"Heartbroke" - a heart breaking song that sounds like it should be played at a rodeo...

"The Last Gunfighter Ballad" - This is Guy shining...a true master of the 'story-song'...

"Better Days" - sometimes romance doesn't go like it should. But that's OK, it doesn't for everybody...

"Homegrown Tomatoes" - 'there's only two things that money can't buy, and that's 'true love' and 'homegrown tomatoes'. Ain't it the truth, brothers and sisters?

These songs are not available for download from me. Guy is a working artists and you can find this and a slew of other great albums and merch at his website. Go visit, you'll be happy you did!

More Guy tomorrow night!

Talk to you soon!

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