Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Of Meat, Miners, Momma, Muppets and Maritime Adventure...Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

Today would have been the 82nd birthday of laid-back TV personality, popular singer and sausage magnate, Jimmy Dean (August 10, 1928-June 13, 2010).

Jimmy Dean is one of those guys who's always been a part of my consciousness.

His hit song "Big, Bad John" from 1961 (2 years before I was born) was everywhere it seems and in 1963 (the year I WAS born) through 1966, his own television series brought into our living room, the first national television weekly exposure of The Muppets with the featuring of Rowlf the Dog.

I've heard tell he wasn't sometimes the sweetest guy you ever met, was a bit of a narcissist (blah, blah, blah) but here he sits planted firmly in my mind, a personality and voice that brings an immediate smile to my face.

My entire image of Jimmy Dean rests on 3 little songs and the fact he had a Muppet on his show. Doesn't sound like a lot...but it seems like a lot.

Here's the songs I associate with Dean. One about a minor, one about every one's mother and one that tells the daring do of JFK when he served in WWII. Then a great clip of Rowlf and Jimmy.

Miners, Mothers, Maritime adventure, Muppets...and as for meat? That Jimmy Dean Sausage is pretty tasty!

Talk to you soon!

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