Saturday, August 21, 2010

Drink Hole Saturday Night Concerts - Todd Snider "Near Truths and Hotel Rooms" part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of Todd Snider's 2003 live album "Near Truths and Hotel Rooms"!

I yammered on long enough about Mr. Snider's talents last night. Hop on's the rest of one of the best live albums available!

"Easy Money" - A love song about a couple of grifters...and about a lot of folks out there.

"Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues" - The song that made Snider famous. Freshly lifted by Todd from Bob Dylan...who as everyone knows, lifted it from Woody Guthrie!

"Long Year" - 'it's been a long year, how did I get here?' ....good question.

"Typing gibberish" - Story and introduction to 'Side Show Blues'.

"Side Show Blues" - 'It's a circus out here Mama, your baby's got these side show blues!'

"Any requests" - A little chat with the audience.

"I Spoke as a Child" - 'I wish I could remember what I said.'

"Doublewide Blues" - A slice of life portrait if Norman Rockwell had lived in Frasier, Tennessee.

"Letter from Australia" - Story about the reaction to 'Broke' by one fan and introduction to the Australian version of same.

"Broke" - Ah, the things you can learn behind bars.

I hope you enjoyed it all and are Todd Snider fans like you should have been all along.

Talk to you soon.

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