Wednesday, October 17, 2012

'Unemplyment Un-blues III"?

Another thing your momma never told you about unemployment...a simple pleasure that we all secretly strive for!

OUR STORY THUS FAR: Jeffy is doing what he calls "Spontaneous Comics".  No layout, no photo-shopping/color/cut&paste/layering, not always a beginning or end, just what's in his head at the moment.

Don't forget...this Saturday is 24 Hour Comics Day!!  Join in or see the choas unfold as cartoonists all over the world plot, write layout, pencil, ink, letter, proof and edit a 24 page comic book in just 24 hours!

I'll be beginning mine at 9 am on Saturday and posting progress along the way,  Should be exhausting AND fun!

Talk to you soon!

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