Sunday, October 21, 2012

20 Hours down...24 Hour Comic Book Day!

I seem to be a tad off on my page count...and my story boarding at the end is a little rough (not what I would have said 16 hours ago)...I just have to push through and see what miracle I can pull out of m butt!

This first page of chapter 4 sounds a little like I'm about to take a right wing stance on me, quite the opposite...I'm a bare-footin', pot-smokin', porn-watchin' hippy from WAY back.

Stick with me, you'll see.

4 hours to much work to be done.

I'm still havin' a bast.  This is the most creative adrenaline I've had goin' in a loooooooooooong time!

Talk to you soon.


Lysdexicuss said...

Continued on 3rd page following ! Man I actually miss them days. What size are you working ? Are these 18 X 24 artboards or 17 X 11 cardstock ? Can't wait to read this puppie once you've scanned it !

I got thinking about what I was gunna do had I not been working: All about the birth of an Idea, and how one cannot kill it whether it be good or bad.So far, what I've skimmed of yours, it has a wonderful continuity & cohesiveness, even with the obligatory Marxian asides.

Jeff Overturf said...

These were 11x17 which I partitioned down to 11x14 for proportion sake. Turns out, that's a little too much, I crashed and burned. (I WILL finish this thing this week though!)

It's recommended working at a smaller size, 8.5x11, I just couldn't see me squeezing my shit in that small though! Now I wish I had.

Still groggy from my crash...I'll get my thoughts together and be posting more about this on Tuesday. I hope you're able to join in next year, it'd be great rooting each other on.

Then again...maybe we oughtta plan out our own!

Lysdexicuss said...

My vision ain't what it used to be so I would definitely work in the larger 17 X 11 format. I think where I would trim time off the process is by NOT doing any storyboards or 1st-draft writing; I would just start drawing and in that other partition of my brain be 'writing' it as I went. I would trust my instincts for camera-angle etc. in the moment, thus, surgically removing the storyboard process. The concept would drive everything and the ticking clock would drive me !

Look forward to your future thoughts & posts about this experience ;~j

Jeff Overturf said...

My vision (or fadingness thereof) is 1/2 the reason I went big, too. The other 1/2 is that, a lot of my humor is verbal and I knew I would over dialogue (which I DID!)

The main problem with that is, I only have a 8.5 x 11 scanner, so that meant heading out somewhere to have it scanned. I used to have a scanner at work which would do it...but I don't have a "work" anymore...still smiling slightly over that.

The story board and scripting took wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too'd be right in foregoing that. I was thinking that a finished script would take the edge off and I could just draw then...took away TOO much time and energy.

Spontaneous stream-of-consciousness cartooning will be the way to go!

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