Tuesday, October 16, 2012

24 hour Comic Book Day 2012!

BIG event a-comin'!  Jeffy's gittin' in shape!!!

OK...I'm not really getting in shape "Rocky"-style...just gettin' my tools together for the big day THIS Saturday, October 20, 2012!!!.

Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics, Zot!) began this tradition 1990.  In short it involves cartoonists all over the world, sitting down together or alone and creating a 24 page comic book from start to finish in 24 hours.

Write it!  Lay it out!  Pencil it!  Ink it!  Letter it!  Proof it!  All in 24, measly hours.

It's got a fascinating history and a lot of great comics have come out of it.  To read more about the event, please go here to the official page.

Some folks gather in big public gatherings and some do it from where they are at and post their progress online.  I will be doing the latter, as any commute to LA county or the Inland Empire would shave more time off my allotted 24 hours, not to mention me careening off of the road driving home after 24 hours of bleary eyed drawing and writing.

Got my tools in place...pens and paper at the ready...I'll go sustenance shopping on Friday night to lay in nutritious snacks to fuel myself. 

The drawing area is ready and waiting...

...and so is the writing and posting area.

I'll be posting my progress right here on this little old blog.  I hope you'll drop in and check it out if you have time.

And I hope I can stay awake...and maybe even finish a story for a change.  :)

And if not, I'll have had fun.  And Monty Python never made it to the end of most of their sketches either.

Talk to you soon.


Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

You can do this man.

Breathe deep, seek peace.

Jeff Overturf said...

Thanks for the encouragement...seeking my cartoon center now.

sweet, luscious, chocolatey caramel cartoon center...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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