Saturday, October 6, 2012

"But I Guess They Didn't..." - Unca Jeffy's Spontaneous Comics!

More "New Beginnings".

If you can't tell 13 year old me and my mother apart, I'm the one with the red hair.  :)

Talk to you soon.

OUR STORY THUS FAR: Jeffy is doing what he calls "Spontaneous Comics".  No layout, no photo-shopping/color/cut&paste/layering, not always a beginning or end, just what's in his head at the moment.


Lysdexicuss said...

Space (& cats) abhors a vacuum...

I say, YOU would be the perfect Individual to create a new profession, tailor made, that would kill many cartoons birds with one shizzle:

Professor of Comic Artist History !

Certainly, an opened-minded state like Cah-lee-fourn-ya, with the right Mon-O-Sore-ee school would welcome a Passionate Feller like Yeself ;~j

Jeff Overturf said...

I don't much care for the sound of a vacuum either. Comes from being 16 and sneaking home drunk, trying to sneakily sleep it off and Mom (of course knowing that I've been up to no good) vacuuming the 2 square feet of floor outside of my bedroom door for 2 hours...ugh!

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