Friday, October 19, 2012

Thank You for Your Support - 24 Hour Comic Day!

Tomorrow's the big day.  

When we test our mettle.  

When we run the gauntlet and count the survivors at the end.

When comic creators from around the globe, amateur and professional alike, to write and draw a 24 page comic in 24 hours.

I want to thank my supporters in advance for their help on the big day.

Usually here on my page I draw panels on 8.5 x 11 and you have to click on each one,  That's the quickest way that I can do what I do.  On 24 Comic Book day however, it's kind of assumed you will work in comic book format as above.  It doesn't matter what's actually advised you work smaller...on 8.5 x 11 as the entire page or even 5.5 x 8.5.  I don't think I could draw that small and be readable though...not to mention, I can be a tad word balloony.

I'm gonna do my best to limit dialogue on whatever I do for the big day, but I know my style...and it ain't gonna like it!

I will be working on 11 x 14, like above.  Above was done with patching separate drawings together though, and I'm not quick enough on the math to figure out dimensions and proportions on the big day, so I will be drawings on full sheets.

This of course means I won't be able to scan them here at home either, so I'll take them to Kinko's to be scanned...and this of course cuts even more into my 24 hours.

There's going to be some interesting creative decisions made during the day...even MORE interesting as I get more sleep deprived.  

But that's the whole point.

I also won't be adding the time of coloring into the day.  I am a medium speed writer, an EXTRA speedy cartoonist (IF that's the style I choose to draw in) but a SNAIL at coloring.  My comic WILL be in black & white as most of the entrants will be...if I'm that into it when it's done, I may go back and spruce it up.

Typing that makes me just as anxious to see what everyone else is going to be doing for their comic as I am to see mine.  Should be fun.

Really, really fun.

To read more about the big day, click the below banner and read on about it and the tradition that's lasted a couple of decades now.  There are entrants who come back every year, and plenty of folks like me, doing it for the first time.

I plan on putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard at 0900 hours Pacific Time on Saturday and finishing before 0900 on Sunday.  See you along the day for updates.

Talk to you soon!


Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Do it fer your ma!

Do it fer your pa!

stand up sit down
draw! draw! draw!

GoooooooOOOOO TEAM!!!

Jeff Overturf said...

The BIG question of course is, WHAT to draw!?

Lysdexicuss said...

Soooo jealous ! I have to work tomorrow :~( Otherwise, I would be jumping into the ring with the rest of my comic brethren to take up this insane challenge !

Jeff Overturf said...

Would be awesome to see what you've come up with Lys! Save the jealousy for when you see what a hot steaming mess I am around hour 20 and I still don't have any idea what to draw!

Lysdexicuss said...

HaHa ! A Hot Steaming Mess !! I think you just nailed yer ending ;~j

Marco To said...


A TAD word balloney? I suppose if you call a page with 2.4% art and 97.6% words, a tad...

Jeff Overturf said...

Lysdexicus: You're ON to something!

Marco: Yes...yes I do!

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