Saturday, October 20, 2012

24 Hour Comic Book Day Begins!!!!

As I write this, my participation in 24 Hour Comic Book Day begins in less than 4 minutes.

I have no idea what I'll write about.

I doubt I can stay awake that long.

I feel like Custer watching the Indians getting together at the top of the hill.

But it should be fun.  Here's my 1st update.  I'm having coffee and am ready to go.  Doing my best to NOT look as bleary eyed as I will at the end.

A lot of folks around the world got started yesterday and I was up a bit late following them on Twitter and rooting them on.  I hope they get some sleep soon, they were working hard.

If you want to follow the posts on Twitter and see updates by creative folks from here to Zanzibar, follow the hashtag #24HCD , you'll see a lot of creative and energetic stuff!

According to the old clock on the's start time.  I'll be updating my stuff right here and through Twitter as well.

Talk to you soon.

Dangit...I'm a minute late.  :)

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