Sunday, October 21, 2012

17 complete pages of 24 hour comic book day!

I headed on over to Kinko's to have my completed 17 pages scanned so you folks could actually read them if you wanted to.  INCLUDING 2 pages I didn't take pics of last night that YOU haven't seen yet!!

I am bound to finish the comic, I'm aiming for this week.

The concept for this is an old school children's comic a la Archie, Harvey (Casper, Richie Rich) and especially any number of Dell or Gold Key titles, which would have a main story interspersed with little 1 and 2 page unrelated black outs and even some activity/puzzle pages thrown in.  These types of things were originally done by comics companies as fillers, to have little mini 1 and 2 and 3 page items with which they could fill out a page count.  They always felt like bonuses to me as a kid, and they added to the personality of the comic.

Anyway, thank you all for rooting me on in my failed attempt.  I will be back and the experience is something I am soooooooooooo glad I took part in.

Until I add the extra 7 pages, finish the story and add a cover (and maybe some color), here's what all y'all were waving big "Team Jeffy" foam rubber fingers in the air about.

"Western Civilization Comics & Stories" issue #1

Main feature - "The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization" part 1: "The Seed"!

Time out for "Fun with the Development of Language" - from alpha to omega - " Behind the Scenes of Why Things Get Named the Way They Do!"

this one fell a bit flat when I was drawing it, but earlier when writing, it had me in stitches..hmmmmmm.  AT any rate, it adds a lot of running gags and cal-backs that get used a lot in the main story.  No one loves a "call-back" more than I!

"The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization" part 2 - "The Rise"!

"Western Civilization Comics & Stories Activity Page"! - Which of these Galilean drawings of the moons of Jupiter is NOT like the other three.  Answer upside down at the bottom of the page.  :)

This was an impromptu page I did while drawing.  It made me laugh really hard at 2 in the morning or so.

"The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization" part 3 "The Crest"!

"Western Civilization Activity Page" - Connect the dots and reveal Charles Darwin's eyebrows.

Another improvisation during the drawing process which made me laugh.  Another clue that the way to go with this is to NOT script ahead, just let the creative juices flow!

"The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization" part 4 - "The Fall"

Chapter the last!  After this was an epilogue and a 2 page letter from the editor ( cartoon form of course) I WILL complete these!!  Come back soon!

And that's when I approached the speed of sound in my dive and passed out.

I really did feel like I could feel a build up of carbon monoxide and nitrogen in my blood.  It was telling me, "Go to sleep you fucking idiot"!

So I did.

Talk to you soon.


Sweet Enemy said...

Awww, great start! I hope you do post the rest when you get to it. So have you read "A History of the World in Six Glasses"?

Jeff Overturf said...

No I haven't...good? Thanks for checking out my comic btw!

Pappy said...

Jeffy, there's no “fail” in what you accomplished. As I followed your progress on Saturday I thought how amazing it was for you to get done what you did in such a short period of time.

Your cartoons are really fun; they're spontaneous and you have fun doing them. You're also a good writer. Why not work on developing this as a graphic novel?

I think you're great, and thanks for letting us look over your shoulder while you worked.

Jeff Overturf said...

Encouraging words indeed, Pappy! I have had such a positive experience doing this (except for the lack of sleep part :)) that I will continue to develop this into whatever it may become. I really appreciate folks like you, who's opinion of comics I respect, look over my shoulder. It was my pleasure!

Lysdexicuss said...

Unca Jeffy~ Monday was a travel day for me but this morn I couldn't wait to gobble up your 24-Hour Comic and it is HISTARICAL as well as alternate Historical. I 2nd Pappy's sentiments entirely; can't wait to see your final cleaned up & colored version. The bit about religious folks offing each other via religious wars really lifted my spirits ! There is so much MORE humor to be tapped from this concept; a sequel or expanded edition should not be out of the question !! Congrats congrats congrats; this Fan is now fully rejuvenated in Cartooning as a tradeable service !!

Jeff Overturf said...

Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry good words to hear! I'm glad you found humor and hope in this...I try to every time I think of our universal shared history!

Coloring is moving right along...the MOST time consuming and lesast enjoyable part for me, but I know it really helps make it accesable to the passerby and helps draw them in. I am still aiming for Saturday as a post date for this.

Am sticking to it because, with a new vigor, I am inspired to make more new stuff now...this really was a great experience!

Paul Tumey said...

Hey Jeff, I loved this! I think you are a gifted comedy writer and I enjoy your cartooning style very much. Can't wait to read the rest. Amazing you did so much in a fever pitch, but that's the way it seems to go, sometimes. I'd enjoy seeing this as a graphic novel. Not sure why you are coloring it, especially if that's a drag for you -- maybe it makes it more commercial? In any case, it works great as line drawings. Keep doing what you love, man. Consider a heartfelt encouragement from a fellow 50-year old pilgrim.

Jeff Overturf said...

Thanks for the nice words, Paul!! I'm really getting the cream of the corp's favorabe reviews here I was about to asnswer why I was coloring it, and all my answers left me with a "Not sure who" ding in my head like you just asked....

Just exploring all I could do with this I suppose is the best reason...but again...not sure, you've given some heat to that debate, sir

Lysdexicuss said...

If it were heavier with blacks & greytones I would agree, leave it as is; but, there's something about coloring that gives it weight, makes it more 'real', and COMPLETES it.

That said, I too HATE the act of coloring !! But recognize its importance to this art-form.

Hope this confuses you even more haha ;~j

Jeff Overturf said...


Signed, "Confused and Coloring in California!"

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