Wednesday, July 27, 2011

That's Ma Hunkel to YOU - All American Comics - The Red Tornado!

OK, see how out of practice I am? The Red Tornado stories I posted yesterday are completely out of order. The stories yesterday are from "All American Comics" issues #49 and #52.

Now to prove the old driving on ice, steer into the skid...I reckon I'll keep throwing them at ya this way. Here's RT from #38 and #46...THAT oughta flip ya!

Sheldon Mayer's li'l 4 pagers are fun no matter what!


Talk to you soon.


KW said...

Man, I love these Red Tornado comics

Jeff Overturf said...

I digs 'em too..and there's 3 more a comin' between tomorrow and Saturday! Mayer was just a kid at the time and Scribbly was based on him. I get the feeling he was havin' NOTHIN' but fun doing these!

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