Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Captain America & Bucky Against All Eneimies of Liberty!

Continuing the full posting of ALL 4 stories in the first issue of "Captain America", Bucky and Cap fight agaisnt all enemies of liberty!!!!

Cover dated March 1941, Timely's first issue of Captain America would have hit the stands at the end of 1940. The war in Europe taking most of the countries attention, even though we hadn't officially entered the war yet, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby knew where our hearts were.

And Timely Comics obviously understood as well. As I said yesterday it was HIGHLY unusual for any character to star in his own book in the golden age until he had proven his mettel (i.e. Superman, Batman, Green Lantern...) but I guess Cap came with some pretty good credentials.


Talk to you soon!


Mykal said...

Wow!!! I, too, am itching to get to the new movie. I only hope and pray the movie stays true to this vision of Cap. What an incredible sense of action Kirby had. His action panels move better than most movies.

This movie I might even venture to the punk-packed multiplex to see.

Jeff Overturf said...

Kirby's slickness was yet to appear, but his comic story-telling skills (pacing, flow, layout) are all right there full-born!

I'm hoping the best for the movie too, I'll be there early Saturday morning and will report back here, Mykal!

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