Saturday, July 30, 2011

The REd Tornado - She Was IN The Jusice Society...kind of!

Happy Saturday and more from "A 'Slight' History of Golden Age Comic Book Super Heroes" as I present the last "Red Tornado" story in my library. This one's from "All American Comics #47!

Check out this bit of Sheldon Mayer fun and hang on tight for another treat at the end!

As I've stated before, as a young reader of the early 1970's Ma Hunkel's Red Tornado was only hinted at. A curious counterpart to DC's Earth One Red Tornado who was is an android and much different than Ma Hunkel in every way. There were a few pin-ups of the Justice Society and the always seemed to include Hunkel, but in the great sea of mish-mashed reprints in the backs of the comics available to me, NEVER a Hunkel reprint...including in reprints of stroies of the JSA! Where the heck WAS she???

Well, it turns out she DID make an appearance in the annals of the JSA, in fact in their very first adventure. "All Star Comics" #3 which would be the very first appearance of the very first super hero team ever, even telling the story of their first gathering, featured a cameo by the great Ma Hunkel.

H'yar is that cameo...

So see? If not for a little modesty on the lady's part, Ma Hunkel could very well have been that leader of the Justice Society.

Instead of that pompous Hawkman!

Talk to you soon

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