Thursday, March 17, 2011

Will Elder - The Mad Cartoonists - part 12

"Mad" the comic book issue 4 from 1953, cover by Will Elder...

...and the story within by messers Elder and Kurtzman, "Shadow!".

"The Shadow" began as a pulp hero in 1930 and almost immediately that same year began his radio career. By 1953 (the year of this parody) he had appeared in serials, films, comic strips and comic books as well and so was ripe for the cartoonists at Mad to make fun of.

They did great too. Check it out!

That does it for Mad's 1-4 and the contributions of Jack Davis, Wally Wood and Bill Elder. Next week I'll share the stories from Kurtzman and ace cartoonist John Severin. He may be the least celebrated of the 4, but his work is far from least.

Talk to you soon.

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