Friday, March 11, 2011

Vic's Train Ride and Hank Gutstop Wants to Make Good!

It's "OTR Friday" and time to smile again with America's Home Folks for another 1/2 hour inside my head.

The first episode I'll share with you today is from May 3, 1940 and concerns Sade's mis-understanding of the work-a-day world outside her home and her belief that a favor from a friend is more important than anything. Vic is to make a pilgrimage to Chicago to meet with a couple of muckety-mucks from the kitchenware industry and Sade has it all worked up for Mr. Donahue (recently promoted to railroad inspector) to let Vic ride in the locomotive.

During the debate, Vic makes passing mention of Funk's Grove, Illinois and shot me down a lane of memories. Back in 2007, my sister, nephew and I headed down Route 66 to find America. Find it we did, and one of the stops was at the aforementioned Funk's Grove.

Funk's Grove has been a family owned producer of REAL Maple Sirup (the spelling is intentional) since the 1800's and during the heyday of old 66, a popular stop off place for travelers. I-55 by passed the joint in the 1970's but the family is still there and still doing what they do best. Here's a few picture memories from me from that summer of '07...

Me finding an icon...

Mrs. Giada Funk interupted her lunch to wait on us personally. A real Route 66 celebrity!

Some of their signage explains how it all works...

And nephew Brian models next to the sign that explains the difference between Sirup and Syrup...

We were there!

Saaaaalute to America and it's Main Street, Route 66

This really has nothing to do with the show, just a minor connection to me only seperated by 67 years. Now, enjoy the show.

The second episode is from May 6, 1940 and involves Hank Gutstops indebtedness to Vic, how he proposes to make things square and Sade's dislike for the aforementioned Gutstop. A side-line is Rush reading from an exciting volume of the adventures of "Third Lieutenant Stanley" and the lovely Lady Margaret. Enjoy!

And for a little more visual, here's "Radio Varieties" from September 1939 announing the beginning of the 8th season of "Vic & Sade", along with some contemporary news of the day.

Talk to you soon.


KW said...

Very entertaining!

Jeff Overturf said...

This show is endlessly entertaining to me too, KW. Glad you like 'em.

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