Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wally Wood - The Mad Cartoonists - part 6

"Mad", the comic book #2 from 1952 had Wally Wood continue to spoof the sci-fi stories he was already doing for EC comics.

Resting on his laurels? Who cares! Wood doing sci-fi as humor OR adventure is something to behold. In fact...people like me are still talking about it almost 60 years later.


I have the same theory about Jell-O.

Talk to you soon.


Mykal said...

Wow is this stuff gorgous in color. I've only seen the Mad Wood stuff in b&W via the Russ Cochran sets. The color adds far more that I would have imagined. Thanks!!!

Jeff Overturf said...

So many of those early Mad's were reprinted in black and white (I even had one reduced to pocket book size ), it's eye opening to see the colors shine through!

One of my faves is coming up on Thursday..if you've neever seen "Superduperman" in color, you haven't lived!

Jeff Overturf said...

Full disclosure: My scans are NOT from the original comics, they are from a reprint series done by Mad around 1999. The colors may not be original, I've never checked, but the feel is there for sure. And all printed on glorious yellowing newsprint...I love it!

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