Thursday, March 24, 2011

John Severin - The Mad Cartoonists - part 16

Who's your favorite portrayer of "Robin Hood"? Douglas Fairbanks? Errol Flynn? Richard Green? Russell Crow?

Who's your favorite buffoon-like parody of "Robin Hood"? Daffy Duck? Dick Gautier? Clay Elwes? Kevin Costner?

"Mad" the comic book #4 in 1953 brought us this version by John Severin and Harvey Kurtzman. I like their's...Enjoy!

That brings to a finish my sharing of the first 4 issues of "Mad" the comic book and the examination of the four cartoonists to make it happen. This was all before my time and this helped me organize my thoughts of "Mad" and it's progentitors.

Plus I dug the hell out of it.

More "Mad" coming soon me-thinks.

Talk to you soon.


Akshunt "Action" Frank Franklyn said...

remember the good old days when you were a mad cartoonist and would post all sorts of amazing and fun stuff on your blog. But I guess those days are gone now since old man Crowley down at the plant has you under his boot heel working 24/7.

Jeff Overturf said...

Morning! Noon! and Night!

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