Friday, March 4, 2011

Milton's Fruit Jars Full of Dirt and Vic's Handsome Heart-Shape Face!

Welcome to another OTR (OldTime Radio) Friday with radio's homefolks, "Vic & Sade. This is a really solid coupla episodes, let's jump right into them!

From April 15, 1940, Rush has what he feels is a solid money making opportunity. His friend Milton is collecting dirt from all (then 48) of the states in the union. Rush feels with a small bit of investment capital and the help of Vic's acquaintences in "The Sacred Stars of the Milky Way" and through his position in "Consolidated Kitchen Wares", he can fill out Milton's collection at a tidy profit. When Vic points out the holes in Rush's scheme, the show takes a twist and an unusual ending. One of my favorite episodes. Enjoy!

Our second episode today comes from just 2 days later on April 17, 1940. If there was ever a show about the jealous suppositions of a spouse or partner, this one hits it on the head. When Sade overhears a friend remark on Vic's looks, in particular on his "Heart-Shaped Face", she's sure it's all Vic's fault. These are very familiar feeling shoes...Paul Rhymer truly had his thumb on humanities pulse.

Finally, here's an issue of "Radio Guide" from October 29, 1938 which not only takes a look at the 3 cast memebers of "Vic & Sade" as well as creator/writer Paul Rhymer, but also has some neat artist renderings of what some of the unseen/unheard chaaracters of the show might look like. Fun stuff!

And don't miss this swell chance for a nice couple to make up to $60 a WEEK! I'm pretty sure the offer is still valid.

Talk to you soon.


Marco said...

That's almost as much as we make!

Jeff Overturf said...

HEY!...when did YOU get a raise???

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