Friday, February 4, 2011

Vic & Sade - More OTR Adventures of Mid-Western Life

Yikes! It's been almost a month since one of my attempted weekly visits with Vic & Sade!

Let's go see what America's home folks are up to!

First up is the February 27, 1940 episode. Sade is surprised to hear about how much drama happens at Rush's school. She had always thought of school as "...a quiet place where children sit and study and recite their lessons, and everything is as peaceful and quiet as a horse.", but little by little learns that, as Rush puts it, "High school is a hotbed of politics. Wheels within wheels. Crossed wires. High school is a seeting river of human emotions." and that there are "Labyrinthian complexities" to high school life!".

Sade would have never asked, if Mrs. Chinbunny hadn't brought it up. Enjoy!

Our second episode is from March 19, 1940. This one is chock full of the running-situations that made the comedy tapestry of the show so rich. Repetitiveness is not just a burdon of small-town's downright funny.

Listen in as Rush enjoys his newest edition of the "Lt. Stanley" series and Sade receives a letter from Aunt Bess.

And to add a little more substance, here's a little glimpse into a contest Crisco was running featuring Vic & Sade that ran in a 1936 Saturday Evening Post.

Feel good to be back on a Vic & Sade bandwagon again.

Talk to you soon.

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