Friday, February 25, 2011

Blue-Tooth Johnson to Sue the Bijou and Nicer Scott to Invade!

Two of Rush's circle take the center stage in today diversionary OTR Friday. The high drama of which drives Rush in many directions. These are good examples of Paul Rhymer's genius in taking high comedy from everyday, universal experiences. True to real life, Sade expresses the every-mother's bewilderment at the goings-on in an adolescent boy's life, while Vic is the every-Dad who understands the angst of a young boy too much and gets more invested. Good stuff!

The first episode is from April 8, 1940. Rush returns from a show at The Bijou to tell how Blue-Tooth Johnson is planning to sue the establishment. To describe it would be to rob you of hearing the story give a listen!

The second in our pairing today comes from April 10, 1940. Rush's arch-nemesis Nicer Scott is goading...nay...torturing Rush with news that he will be staying with the Gook's when his parents go on vacation at the end of August and expressing his demands as a future house guest. Rush suffers intolerably as Sade poo-poo's the whole thing. Great character interplay in this one and Rhymer's use of language is funny as all get out. Listen in!

Another blast from the past media look at the little family in the small house halfway up on the next block. The June 11, 1936 issue of "Radio Guide" magazine looks at Paul Rhymer...

...a little added bonus, 1936 cheescake!

Easy on the eyes for a happy Friday to everyone.

Talk to you soon.

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