Friday, February 11, 2011

Smelly Clark Gets a Lady-Friend and Vic Pretends to Play Cornet

Taking a day off from Pioneer Book's "King Comic Heroes", we're back to OTR Friday and a couple more glimpses into Paul Rhymer's impeccably funny "Vic & Sade".

Our first episode today is from March 25, 1940. Once again, without featuring a character outside the family, Rhymer's genius gives us a full look at Rush's friend Smelly Clark as Smelly gets himself a lady-friend. We're also let in on a slice of the social goings on for Rush and his friends. Amazing the clear images I get here as a scene plays out second hand through Rush's narration. I wish my friends were as good as telling anectdotes. Enjoy!

Second episode comes from March 27, 1940 and gives us another look at Vic's playful side which always combines with his ego. He's been asked to pretend to play the cornet at the towns band recital that evening. He shows as much pride as pretending to play as anyone who actually played would show before his first recital. Dig in!

As a bonus, here's an issue of "Sigma Chi" magazine from June 1936 which spotlights one of the fraternity's favorite brothers, creator-writer-American genius, Paul Rhymer himself.

Happy listening!

Talk to you soon.


Chris Riesbeck said...

Curious that the article refers to V&S as a "dramatic" serial program. Fun to see though.

Jeff Overturf said...

I thought that was odd too Chris, I guess it's just the way the language in an industry changes over a few decades.

I was as shocked watching the Golden Globes and saw that "The Tourist" was nominated as a comedy...never saw it, but it looks like a standard thriller/drama from the outside.

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