Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Todd Snider "The Storyteller" - New Release

While usually reserved for the last song in a set, I think it's apropos ANYtime...

That's Todd Snider in a nutshell. He hopes nothing but the best for you and hopes you'll wish the same to him. Be and let be. The golden rule at it's best.

You've heard me yammer on and on about the "Peace-lovin', porn-watchin', pot-smokin', bare-footin', folk-singin' hippy" from East Nashville by way of Austin-Memphis-Portland before...and you're gonna hear it again. And again. And again. Today's occesion being his new live album which came out yesterday.

I haven't gotten my pre-order copy just yet, I'm sure the "Snowlocaust" which is hitting a bunch of our country is slowing down the shipping lanes, but thanks to digital technology I was able to download and listen on the official release date anyway. You hear that "Snow"? SUCK it!!

To those of you who are unfamiliar with Todd, here's a couple of video and article links that I hope will hip you to the dip. Todd's stuff hits me beyond words so maybe I'll let his performances and the words of other speak for me.

It really is good stuff and good for you too. As Todd says, as he welcomes you into his world of eccentric characters, adventures and attitudes, "Welcome to East Nashville...we will steal you heart AND your lawn-mower."

First up, here's a bonus track from the new album which I got with my pre-order...a hint into why they call this album, and Todd, "The Stoyteller".

A clip from WNYC radio as he prepares to do a coupla shows in New York. These are from yesterday..."Flying Spaghetti Monster Bless" the WorldWideInnerWeb!

A quick mockumentary he made as he prepares for his promo tour.

Here's what the magazine's have to say.

Here, and here.

That's all I can do. Just trying to spread the word. If you like what you hear, find Snider here and if you're in the mood, follow any of the links to purchase. It's well-spent money you won't regret.

Thanks for being so "Todd", Todd.

Talk to you soon.

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