Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lost Charles Schulz Interview?

While digging through some boxes of magazines, hoping to come across the missing 2 issues of "Nemo" to post here, I came across a few issues of something called "The Aspiring Cartoonist". I have no recolection of buying these, but I have a few scattered issues. It's a simple 2 color 16 page saddle stitched newsletter which touted itself as the "Newsletter for the professional, non-professional, and curious in the cartooning community.

Here in the second issue it's got a slick little chat with Charles M. Schulz hisself, and I'm thinking this is an interview not seen by many. Either back in the day this was printed (early 90's I'd guess) and certainly not since.

I hope you enjoy!

Talk to you soon.


Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Love this kind of stuff, Jeff. And once again (cuz I haven't said it lately) THANKS FOR ALL THE NEMO!

Jeff Overturf said...

My pleasure Thomas. I hope to find more treasures as I keep digging.

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