Saturday, June 5, 2010

You Can Make 'em "Live Forever"!

In an extension of my Memorial Day week, I'm heading off today to help an old friend say goodbye to an even older friend.

A few folks will gather, have something to eat and maybe tip a few while they tell good stories of this departed friend. Happy stories of how she touched them when she was living and how much they will miss the promise of new stories to come.

You see, that's the key. You don't always realize sometimes how people impact your life and the way you live it with just everyday experiences of being with them. Any more than you realize how you impact the people around you.

In remembering these pieces of light after they're gone, those rays keep on shining.

There's your immortality folks.

Those people we lose really can live forever in our remembrances of their life.

It's gonna be a good day with lots of happy thoughts.

Go out and make some one "live forever". And work on your own mortality while you're at it. Make sure folks have good thoughts of you.

See y'all tomorrow.

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